Finding the best Open Source Projects to contribute during Hacktoberfest

Finding the best Open Source Projects to contribute during Hacktoberfest

We are already halfway in Hacktoberfest. If you have or haven’t yet registered for the month-long Hacktoberfest 2022 and are confused about how to contribute to the Hacktoberfest projects, give this article a read. Here we will discuss what Hacktoberfest exactly is, how to find Hacktoberfest repositories on GitHub, how to find Hacktoberfest repositories on GitLab, things to remember while making your contribution, and how to select the best project for you to contribute. Without any more delay, let’s get into all the details.

What’s Hacktoberfest?

Hacktoberfest is Digital Ocean ’s initiative along with Github and other partners to globally acknowledge open-source projects, their maintainers, and contributors. Every year in October month, Hacktoberfest has been celebrated since 2014. This year, besides GitHub, DigitalOcean has partnered with Appwrite, Docker, Novu, RapidAPI, and Devtron to advance its legacy. You must make four pull requests on GitHub to complete your open-source contribution during Hacktoberfest.

Whether you’re a programmer, a designer, or a writer – Hacktoberfest is for everyone. Apart from coding, you can also contribute to the low-coding and non-coding categories. For low-coders, there is technical documentation, testing, talks on presentations, case studies, podcasts, and technical blog posts. For non-programmers, there is translating, copy editing, graphic design, video production, user experience testing, social media, and blog posts.

This article presents a good source of knowledge for open-source beginners and first-time contributors. For your questions and discussions, you can join the Hacktoberfest community via Hacktoberfest’s official Discord.

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Only Contribute to Hacktoberfest Labeled Projects

Before contributing to open-source projects, you must remember that only “Hacktoberfest” labeled projects should be chosen while making the contributions. If you contribute to other projects apart from those particular projects, the event authorities may not consider your contribution.

So, on GitHub and GitLab, find those projects that have a “Hacktoberfest” topic. For the new contributors, in this article, we will share the procedure for finding Hacktoberfest projects on both platforms.

Find Hacktoberfest Repositories on GitHub

On GitHub, currently, there are 122,316 open-source repositories to make your contribution to Hacktoberfest 2022.

To find Hacktoberfest projects, first, Sign Up for your GitHub account if you don’t have one. On GitHub’s homepage, click on Explore.


As you reach GitHub’s Explore page, click on Topics.


On the Topics page, navigate to the Search on the top-left and type Hacktoberfest. Press enter.


Finally, click the “see topic” button to view all the Hacktoberfest projects. 4

Find Hacktobefest Repositories on GitLab

GitLab is another place to find your Hacktoberfest repositories to make your contribution. To do that, first, get your GitLab account if you don’t already have one.

On the GitLab home page, click on the GitLab icon (dashboard) in the top-left corner. 5

It takes you to your own Projects page. Then click on Explore Topics. 6

In the search box given on the top-right, type Hacktoberfest and press enter. 7

Finally, choose the Hacktoberfest topic to view Hacktoberfest repositories.

Conclusion: Which Project is the Best to Contribute?

Wondering which open-source project would be the best for you to make your contributions? Well, you can contribute to as many Hacktoberfest projects as you want, but the best idea is to contribute to those projects from which you can learn, use your skills in them, or use them regularly. Also, you can Donate to the Hacktoberfest projects you love. Make sure you contribute before October 31st. The first 40,000 successful contributors will receive prizes from DigitalOcean. And, Happy Hacktoberfest!

A TIP FROM THE EDITOR: For a look at the advantages derived from contributing to open-source projects, please look at our Opportunities Hidden Within Contributing To Open Source article.

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