From Log Management to Observability

From Log Management to Observability

We’re happy to announce that OpenReplay now supports Stackdriver, Bugsnag and SumoLogic! You can now playback the alerts from your favorite exception trackers alongside a session replay and the data from the rest of your stack.

These past weeks, OpenReplay has seen its Integration Portal grow: we have added support for Datadog, Sentry and Rollbar, and there are many more integrations to come. This has been part of our motivation to unify all the data you need to debug your web app within a single observability platform.

From exception tracking to observability

A good exception tracker is a lifesaver when it comes to debugging an application: it can spare you a lot of time otherwise wasted hunting for issues like a needle in a haystack. But modern applications are getting too complex for traditional monitoring methods and sometimes, that exception alert is just the tip of the iceberg.

But your logs won’t tell you that.

For the poor engineer that needs to debug this kind of application, things become tricky: unbeknownst to him, every issue could be having a deeper impact on your users and on the rest of your software.

This is why, whenever an issue is caught, you need to know as quickly as possible: (1) how it is impacting your users, and (2) how it is impacting the rest of your stack.

By adding support for Backend exception trackers, we give OpenReplay the power to unify all the information you need to debug your application quickly and effectively within a single Observability platform: for each issue you get a session replay, the frontend/backend logs, the network activity, custom events and much more…

That way, you can have complete visibility over every issue, across your entire stack.


Today we’ve added support for Stackdriver, Bugsnag and Sumo Logic. Soon, we will be releasing support for Elastic Search and Cloudwatch. Tomorrow, we look to adding APM data into our Observability tool, so that you can have absolute view into the health of your application.