Introducing OpenReplay Synthetics

Introducing OpenReplay Synthetics

We’re happy to announce the general availability of Synthetics. This is the latest and 3rd pillar to our Frontend Monitoring tool, after Troubleshoot (understanding and fixing issues through session replay) and Performance (metrics that track the performance of your web app, in real-world conditions, at the user’s level).

OpenReplay Synthetics helps create end-to-end tests without writing code, run them in the cloud from different locations around the world, and be alerted whenever a regression or a slowdown occurs. Synthetics are perfect for non-regression testing as part of your CI/CD pipeline, but not only. In fact, these same tests that you run before each deployment, can as well help you be more proactive by continuously monitoring your most critical user journeys in live environments.

Create end-to-end tests in minutes

Use our Chrome Plugin to create an end-to-end test by simply recording a step by step scenario on your web app, all without writing code.

Depending on your needs, you can also build advanced automated tests by adding custom steps involving validations, assertions, variables, subtests or even custom code through a list of predefined templates (like checking the value of a text, calling an API, switching tabs, drag & drop, scrolling to an element and more).

Test Details

Steps can be grouped, tagged and imported in other tests. This makes collaboration easy by helping reusing the same test scenarios across different teams. You can also leverage the same test scenarios as canaries (production) and non-regression (CI/CD) tests.

Run in the cloud

Synthetics are run in the cloud, in parallel and each in a separate container. Tests can be scheduled and executed in any environment (i.e. staging or production) and in various simulated conditions like with network throttling (i.e. 2G, 3G) and on mobile emulators.

Run results include screenshots and errors for every step, detailed network activity, console logs and performance metrics.

Run Details

Monitor performance from over 20 locations around the world

Test runs can take place in locations that are critical to your business. We cover more than 20 facilities around the world.


And with each and every run, OpenReplay automatically captures lighthouse performance scores on metrics like Speed Index, First Contenful Paint and Time To Interactive. The synthetics dashboard makes it easy to compare performance across different countries and quickly drill-down to remediate key issues.

Add Synthetics to your CI/CD pipeline and deploy with confidence

Agile teams who are constantly shipping new features and fixes to production must ensure their deployments don’t break existing code. OpenReplay’s automated tests can be used at any point in the development cycle and in any environment helping you deliver with confidence.

Synthetics can be seamlessly integrated into your CI/CD pipeline using OpenReplay CLI. Tests can run in the cloud or locally if the deployment is not publicly accessible. Either way, detailed results will be available both in your CI and in your dashboard and you’ll be alerted whenever a regression is identified, preventing buggy code from reaching production.

OpenReplay CLI

Proactive Monitoring

As we embrace agility, we push code more frequently than ever, and despite our best efforts, our code may end up breaking for a variety of reasons. OpenReplay Synthetics is a fully hosted solution that fits into your CI/CD pipeline and helps minimizing downtime by surfacing key issues and automating rollbacks.

Your frontend makes or breaks your business. Be proactive with Synthetics and detect issues before your users do. Start monitoring your web app today — for free!