OpenReplay July Release (1.7.0)

OpenReplay July Release (1.7.0)

In July, we released a brand new version of OpenReplay: 1.7.0, and with it, we have a lot of news to share, so let’s get going!

🎉We reached 5k stars on Github!🎉

5k Stars!

Thanks to our unique and growing community, we’ve reached the 5k stars mark in our Github repo. If you haven’t seen it yet, we invite you to check it out, engage in the discussions, and if you have any feedback, please leave a comment or join our Slack community!

💪 We added many improvements to existing features

The list is huge, so make sure you check the release notes. However, here are some of the highlights:

  • We completely redesigned the replayer page. Check out the changes in the following image:

New replay UI

  • We improve the loading performance of big replay files. Instead of having to load a single massive file, we’ve now split the files into multiple smaller chunks, so you’re able to start the replay a lot sooner. This change was a highly requested improvement by some of our users who have replays lasting a couple of hours.
  • We’re in the process of improving our ingestion pipeline to remove any potential bottlenecks or limitations. That is why we’ve done a considerable code refactor to this section (probably our most significant to date!). You might not notice this improvement, but that’s the idea! You should be able to record more sessions than ever.
  • We’ve added auto-complete, sort, and pagination support to the Assist section. We did this to help you when you have too many concurrent live sessions. That way, you can easily filter through them.
  • We added proxy support when caching assets, a problem some users reported with their setup.
  • For our Assist product, we also fixed how we handle the elements’ scrolling during the live session.
  • And we fixed the performance issues with the infinite lists, which was bugging many of you! (Yay us!)

🚀 We added three new features to our Enterprise Edition

We’re launching three brand new features for all our Enterprise customers:

  1. We added ”The Vault”, a place to keep specific sessions’ recordings forever, ensuring they’re never deleted. This new feature is great for when you want to re-use the session for training purposes, for instance.
  2. We’re now enabling searching and exporting data from the Audit Trail.
  3. And Enterprise users can now export their dashboards into PDF format in case they need to use them as part of an internal report or you just want to send it to someone else.

If you’d like to read the full detailed release notes, please go ahead and do it here.

Also, if you have any feedback, feel free to leave it in our Github repo or even better, join our Slack community and let’s connect!

Get started with OpenReplay

Don’t know how to get started? Check out some of these links:

  • Check out our tutorials to understand how to get started with your current tech stack.
  • Join our Slack community and ask our devs directly!
  • Check our Github repo and don’t forget to star us!