The 4 Best Session Replay Tools for 2024

The 4 Best Session Replay Tools for 2024

Today, understanding how users interact is important for improving their experience. This involves identifying what works, what doesn’t, and where problems occur.

This understanding is paramount for making the user experience better. It gives us a clear choice: either ignore important user issues and risk losing customers or use session replay tools to quickly and effectively solve problems.

These products are crucial for quickly identifying and resolving issues. They encourage immediate action and continuous improvement, enabling teams to enhance their platforms for optimal user experiences. In today’s world where every user interaction is important, these tools are necessary for creating great digital experiences.

The 4 best session replay tools

For those ready to elevate their user experience efforts, we present the 4 best session replay tools for 2024. This selection simplifies your decision-making process, focusing on key features and benefits of:

  1. OpenReplay
  2. FullStory
  3. LogRocket
  4. Hotjar

1. OpenReplay


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Advanced debugging for developers

OpenReplay is a powerhouse for developers. It offers fast and efficient debugging, along with in-depth insights into user issues. Developers can reproduce all sorts of issues as if they happened in their own browser. This is made possible through pixel-perfect session recording, DevTools, and co-browsing capabilities.

Comprehensive feature suite

Beyond session replays, OpenReplay offers a full suite, including DevTools for detailed debugging, product analytics for insights, and real-time co-browsing for support.

Privacy and compliance

OpenReplay complies with SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR regulations for both Cloud and Self-Host deployment models.

Data control with Self-Hosting

Host sessions yourself with OpenReplay’s self-hosting option, ensuring data ownership, security, and compliance. Ideal for regulated industries and organizations prioritizing control.

Accessible source code for dynamic customization

Unlike closed-source competitors, OpenReplay’s source code can be accessed on GitHub. This flexibility allows teams to audit the code, improve any functionality, and customize the tool to meet their specific workflow requirements.

Pricing that scales

Pricing for OpenReplay is simple and transparent, with all plans including all core features. Cloud pricing is based on usage and starts with a free plan that offers 1,000 sessions. After that, you can pay as you go, starting at $5.95 per 1,000 sessions with unlimited users.

Alternatively, you can also self-host OpenReplay on your servers, giving you control over your customer data and offering seat-based pricing. This sets OpenReplay apart from competitors using volume-based pricing. The self-hosting option has a free open-source plan and a scalable enterprise plan to maximize session recording benefits and control costs.

2. FullStory


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Advanced analytics for product managers

FullStory offers essential product analytics for product teams, including Funnels, Dashboards, and Heatmaps. These tools provide deep insights into user behaviour, enabling informed product design and improvements.

Beyond basic analytics

FullStory combines quantitative and qualitative analysis, providing a holistic view of user interactions. This dual approach enhances understanding beyond traditional web analytics.

Privacy and compliance

FullStory provides privacy features on its cloud platform that comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Pricing plans

FullStory offers Enterprise, Advanced, and Business plans with pricing that varies based on factors such as volume, number of users, and specific features.

3. LogRocket


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Advanced insights for development teams

LogRocket is well-known for its detailed monitoring and analysis of user experience on web applications. It offers valuable insights into user interactions, which are important for quickly identifying and solving problems.

Enhanced user experience capabilities

In addition to providing advanced insights, LogRocket offers a session recording tool, real-time error tracking, and product analytics with heatmaps and clickmaps to optimize the customer experience.

Privacy and security

LogRocket is a cloud-based session recording tool that provides compliance with privacy standards such as GDPR and CCPA.

Pricing plans

LogRocket offers multiple plans: Free, Team, Professional, and Enterprise. Each plan provides access to a specific set of key features and is billed separately for mobile and web applications. The pricing may vary depending on factors such as the number of seats, sessions, and volume.

4. Hotjar


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Advanced Insights for Marketers

Hotjar is highly effective in providing marketers with actionable insights into user behavior, including user frustration. Its tools offer a detailed understanding of when and why users engage or disengage, allowing for the implementation of targeted optimization strategies and addressing user frustration.

Comprehensive suite of user experience tools

In addition to its marketing focus, Hotjar provides various tools such as user behavior analysis with Heatmaps and Recordings, direct user feedback through Surveys and Feedback, and streamlined user research via User Interviews.

Privacy commitment

Similar to FullStory, Hotjar is a cloud-based platform that stores and processes user data while complying with global regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Pricing plans

Hotjar provides businesses with the option to start with a single product or create a customized package, tailoring the pricing based on the combination of products, features, and the number of daily user sessions.

Session replay tools comparison table

OpenReplay Logo OpenReplay
FullStory Logo FullStory
LogRocket Logo LogRocket
Hotjar Logo Hotjar
Session replay
️ (limited)
️ (limited)
Mobile support
Self-hosted option
Privacy & compliance
Source code available
Simple, all-included pricing and self-hosting options for data control
Varies based on volume, number of users, and features
Varies based on volume, number of users, features, and platform
Varies based on the combination of products, features, and daily user sessions

Choosing the right session replay tool

When choosing a session replay tool for your business, it is important to prioritize your needs. Whether you require advanced debugging for developers, comprehensive analytics for product managers, or actionable insights for marketers, or if your focus is on security, self-hosting capabilities, compliance, or cost-effective pricing. OpenReplay, FullStory, LogRocket, and Hotjar all offer strong features, yet each tool targets different user personas. Assess your primary goals and select the session replay software that aligns best with your requirements.

For a more comprehensive understanding of this topic, we highly recommend referring to our detailed Session Replay Guide. This guide provides extensive information to help you gain a deeper insight into the subject.

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