How to use ChatGPT to boost your work and career 10x

How to use ChatGPT to boost your work and career 10x

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a pre-trained conversational AI language model that produces text replies that resemble real people’s responses to natural language questions. It uses transformer architecture and has been trained on a wide variety of online content to carry out various linguistic activities, including providing answers to inquiries, finishing texts, and producing comments in a conversational setting.

ChatGPT is undoubtedly an extremely highly recommended tool that everyone should be using right now. Its potential is unlimited, and it’s already capable of helping all of us on a daily basis. It will change how we work from now on because it has a wide global appeal and can be used in all industries and for everyday general tasks.

It took ChatGPT only five days to reach 1 million users, which is absolutely staggering. For comparison, this is how long it took other popular social media networks and media companies to reach 1 million users, according to @WatcherGuru on Twitter who researched the topic.

Today, in this article we will discuss some potential use cases for ChatGPT so that you can see how it is capable of helping you with mundane tasks, problem-solving, writing, and even with solving complex programming-related solutions which can often take a human programmer a considerable amount of time to do on their own.

The great thing about ChatGPT is that it is capable of having a live conversation that includes follow-ups to your existing questions. So, for example, you could ask it to give you a list of healthy foods to eat. And then, in the same chat, you can then ask ChatGPT to list them in alphabetical order. There is so much you can do with this, and we are going to explore some more use cases.

Go to the main website here and create an account if you have not done so already. Now get ready to explore one of the most incredible and fun new tools we now have at our disposal.

ChatGPT prompts for programming

There are so many different prompts that you can ask ChatGPT. We will run through a few of them so that we get a feel for how ChatGPT can help us in real-world situations.

Creating a list of data in JavaScript

In this example, we will ask ChatGPT to create a list of cities, convert that list into a JSON data file and then write a JavaScript function for sorting the data in the JSON file by id number order.

Chat Prompt 1: Create a list of the five most populated cities in the world.

Chat Prompt 2: Convert the list into JSON and give them all a random id of 10 characters

Chat Prompt 3: Write a JavaScript function for sorting the data in the JSON file by id number order

As you can see here, ChatGPT has generated the code we asked for, and it has even given us some information about the function. The learning capabilities here literally have no limit this is far beyond what a google search is capable of. If we were to do google searches for all of this, we would be taken to various articles and maybe even StackOverflow. What ChatGPT has done is give us a working solution that would probably take a few minutes for a programmer to put together. This took seconds!

Converting code to a different programming language

Now in this example, we will ask ChatGPT to create a function for calculating someone’s date of birth in JavaScript. Next, we will ask it to convert the code to the programming language Python.

Chat Prompt 1: Create a function for calculating someone’s date of birth in JavaScript

Chat Prompt 2: Now convert the code to Python

As we can see, ChatGPT created a working date-of-birth calculator function for JavaScript with a description of how it works, and then it converted it to the Python programming language and taught how it works a second time! This is truly groundbreaking; it’s like having your own mentor!

Let’s take it one step further and ask for even more information on how the code works!

Chat Prompt 3: Explain what the code is doing


Take a look at that amazing explanation. Learning reached a whole new level.

Calculating the output of a function

For this example, we will see how ChatGPT is capable of giving us the correct answer to a question. For example, if you are doing a code test and you need to know what the answer is going to be for a function that is returning some numbers. Obviously, you should not be cheating on tests; however, this can show us proof of concept for solving such questions.

Chat Prompt 1:

What will the output of this function be?

function mainFunction() {
function innerFunction1() {
return 10;
function innerFunction2() {
return 20;
return innerFunction1() + innerFunction2();

What other ChatGPT prompts can you use?

We barely scratched the surface here; there are so many more questions you can ask ChatGPT. I have compiled a list of 5 other prompts that we can use. Use it as inspiration and create your own.

1. Building a to-do app in a programming language

Chat Prompt 1: Give me instructions on how to build a to-do app in JavaScript

Chat Prompt 2: Show me the code

2. Simulating the JavaScript console

Chat Prompt 1: Act as a javascript console for me. You will respond with what the javascript console ought to display when I write instructions. I only want you to respond with the terminal output contained within a single, distinct code block.

Chat Prompt 2: console.log({id: 1, name: "Naruto Uzumaki"}, {id: 2, name: "Sakura Haruno"}, {id: 3, name: "Sasuke Uchiha"});

3. Creating app architecture for an app

Chat Prompt 1: I’ll share some precise details on the specifications for a web app, and it will be your responsibility to recommend a technical stack for me to use.

Chat Prompt 2: There will be 1000 concurrent users, and it needs to have a relational database that is fast. I would like to implement real-time communication and deploy it to AWS.

4. Asking for an explanation of what a function is doing

Chat Prompt 1:

Can you explain what this function is doing?

function convertTemp(c) {
  return (c * 9/5) + 32;

5. Creating SVG images

As of writing, ChatGPT is not the best artist in the world… So designers are safe for now 😂 I found that it does much better with text.

Chat Prompt 1: I want you to create some SVG files for me. When I ask you to make an image, you must produce the SVG code for it, translate it into a base64 data URL, and then provide me a response with merely a markdown image tag pointing to the data URL.

Chat Prompt 2: A cat

Chat Prompt 3: The word Anime

Now let’s see how ChatGPT can boost our productivity during our daily lives.

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Using ChatGPT for education

This is another fantastic use case for ChatGPT. If you are a student or a researcher, then this will take your game to a whole new level. It goes well beyond a simple google search because now ChatGPT is your personal assistant. It’s like having your very own Jarvis.

It’s time for some examples. Again we are going to see how ChatGPT can be used as our very own learning tool.

Chat Prompt 1: Can you give me a summary of the book Think and Grow Rich

Chat Prompt 2: Can you give me a summary of the book The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes

With the help of ChatGPT, we managed to summarise two different books without even reading them. And it does not stop there; if you wanted to, you could ask follow-up questions about the books, and ChatGPT would go into further detail, like breaking down some of the most valuable points and creating a list of bullet points for a certain page or section.

This is, without a doubt, a mandatory research and learning tool that we should all strongly consider using when needed. Our studying for school, college, university, and work just became a whole lot easier.

Using ChatGPT for writing

It’s possible for us to do a blog post on literally any topic we can think of, thanks to ChatGPT. In this example, we will ask ChatGPT to write us a blog topic on the five healthiest foods.

Chat Prompt 1: Write me a blog post on the top 5 healthiest foods we should be eating in our diet and how they can improve our health

It took less than 1 minute to write a short blog post on healthy foods. This would usually take a writer possibly 15 minutes to write or more if they had to do research beforehand. And the great thing about this is that we could ask ChatGPT follow-up questions like, for example, going into more detail on leafy greens or the type of leafy greens that have the most health benefits.

With each new prompt, the blog post will become even more detailed. So we just learned about one writing example; we can ask it to write about any subject, so there really is nothing stopping you from generating content for your platforms this way.

Creating scripts and emails etc…

We can use ChatGPT for writing scripts, songs, poems, emails, and so many other cool things. I think a YouTube script and an email would make for really cool examples, so let’s do some.

Chat Prompt 1: Write me a YouTube script for a video about the most popular cars. Make sure that you cover specifications like the top speed, acceleration, number of doors, and country of origin.

Chat Prompt 2: Write me an email to an online retailer for getting a refund because the clothes I ordered failed to arrive

ChatGPT just saved us so much time here! These are generally everyday tasks that we can sometimes put off due to laziness, and thanks to ChatGPT, we did not even have to think about them. It just created what we asked for in rapid time.

Refactoring and rewording content in different styles

ChatGPT is incredibly versatile; it is like having your own team of personal copywriters who can do anything you ask. Let’s see what that looks like in a few examples. There are so many ways we can create original content. We could write it ourselves, or we could get ChatGPT or another AI writing tool to do it for us. In this case, we are going to let ChatGPT create some content for us, and then we will refactor and reword it so that it can be tailor-made for different audiences.

Chat Prompt 1: Describe what marketing is and how we can use it to generate sales for a digital asset. Tell me in two paragraphs.

Chat Prompt 2: Refactor it in the writing style of the BBC.

Chat Prompt 3: Refactor and reword it so that it is simple for a 5-year-old to understand.

We can clearly see how much potential there is here with this. Anything we write can be completely changed while still keeping the same message. A copywriter might spend an hour rewriting a page of content like this which ChatGPT just did instantly!


OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a cutting-edge language model that can produce text that resembles human speech, depending on the input. It is a useful tool for a range of use cases, including customer support, content production, and data analysis, because of its adaptability and natural language processing capabilities.

It is anticipated that the capacity to analyze enormous volumes of data and produce intelligent replies in real time would have a significant influence on how organizations and people operate, resulting in greater efficiency and better decision-making. ChatGPT and other AI technologies are transforming how humans engage with computers and influencing how work will be done in the future.

Pretty soon, OpenAI is going to launch a pro version of ChatGPT. Although it is free to use at the moment, a $42 monthly pro version is apparently being tested. It is a well-known fact that ChatGPT has scaled and bandwidth problems because its popularity has skyrocketed, and the servers are struggling to keep up with the demand! We have all seen the dreaded error messages like:

“We’re experiencing high demand. Please hang tight as we work on scaling our systems”

On Twitter, @chillzaz_ showed a demo for ChatGPT Pro.

The biggest drawback to using ChatGPT at the moment is the fact that it only has data and information up until the year 2021. That means it’s not up to date on current events, and it also can’t search for new information beyond its own knowledge. OpenAI is training ChatGPT to be better, so over time, it’s going to evolve even more. It’s only a matter of time before it has access to the latest news and information from our current year, as the time of writing would be 2023.

I hope you found this article useful. ChatGPT is going to be making our lives so much easier in the future now that you have learned so many use cases for it. There is so much more than you can do with it which was not covered in this article; if you want to learn more, just play around with it and see what else it can do for you here

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